I love using magic links for referring someone to a more appropriate stack.

However, if I'm recommending that someone check out another Stack, often times I want to give them a direct link to their help center, rather than the main page. This is especially true when I'm suggesting that someone might get a good answer on another stack, but they don't yet conform to that site's guidelines (and they definitely don't conform to the current site's guidelines).

We currently have:

[help], [help/on-topic], [help/dont-ask], [help/behavior], [ask], [answer] and [meta-help] – link to frequently visited pages of the help center. Link text is "help center" (capitalization is respected). All links point to the main site.

[so], [pt.so], [su], [sf], [metase], [a51], [se] – link to the given site. Link text is the site name.

[something.se] – link to something.stackexchange.com, if that site exists. Link text is the site name. Use [ubuntu.se] for Ask Ubuntu.

I'd like to also have:

[something.se/help], [something.se/help/on-topic], [something.se/help/dont-ask], [meta-help] - As above, but links to those pages on the other stacks we're referring to.

[so/help], [pt.so/help], [su/help], [sf/help] - All the same for these sites too, obviously; I don't know exactly the best way to phrase the markdown help text.

I removed help/behavior on purpose because I doubt anyone would be referring someone to the behavior page on another Stack.

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  • May as well add help/behavior because why not? – Eb946207 Feb 3 '19 at 17:56

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