I just tried to tag a new question with a 'googe-charts' tag. The tag appears rendered as the other tags (upon typing a space after the tag chars), but on saving the edit the tag disappears.

I assume there is some attempt at moderating new tags going on, but there is no feedback to that effect. I think it needs something like - 'this is a new tag and will be considered....'

For the record here's the question:

Showing UTC datetime on a google charts axis

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You mean google-charts tag and the reason you can't add it is because it has a Tag Synonym:

As you can read here:

The following tags will be remapped to google-visualization
google-charts, google-charts-api, and google-geochart

Also, when trying to add the tag to a question you can see it will be remapped:

If you think this is wrong and google-charts should be on its own, start MSO discussion about it, and if enough people will agree, a moderator can remove the Synonym. This has happened before.

  • Thanks. So it's a minor issue but I think the UI feedback could have been clearer about what was actually happening. I interpreted the 'also' tags as being further suggestions, i.e. if you're tagging with 'abc' then consider tagging with 'def' and 'ghi' too.
    – redcalx
    Aug 23, 2015 at 11:01
  • I see. Asking for a rewording or adding a visual warning "this tag will be remapped" sounds like a valid request indeed. Aug 23, 2015 at 11:19

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