The questions used as "audit" questions in the review queues generally show modified values for these fields, which clearly helps to disguise the fact that they're actually high-ranked questions:

  • answers
  • accepted
  • asked
  • viewed

Today, however, I was delivered a review item with "answers 0" and "accepted yes", which told me immediately it was a trap question!

Here's an example from stackoverflow:

screenshot of inconsistent audit question

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Congratulations! You passed.

The fact you noticed this is a clear indication the review audit worked. Review audits are meant to be obvious. If they are hard, one would easily fail.

Robo-reviewers don't take the time to go through the facts as you did. That will make them fail the audit.

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    In the sense that reviewing is a game, yes, it's a way of winning, but where the purpose of a review is to examine the written content of the post, wouldn't you consider it a flaw in the game? Aug 26, 2015 at 22:47

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