I clicked the gear icon next to the privilege tracker in my profile (if it matters, it was in the elementaryOS beta SE) and picked the "Track a tag badge instead" option in the menu, to see what it looked like. Unfortunately, it seems there's nothing to track, since I see no progress meter below the reputation graph now. As a consequence, I also don't get a gear icon to change that preference back!

I should either be unable to pick the tag badge option if it doesn't apply to my account, or I should have a way to restore the prior setting.

ps - Although I'd like to see this fixed for everyone, any help is appreciated for immediate workarounds as well.


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I dunno whether it was an actual bug or not, but it works this way now:

And on the sites where I haven't posted can't see any gears at all:

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    Yes, this is what I'm experiencing now as well, so the earlier problem is gone (it was definitely a bug as described in the original question and confirmed by @dmitry-grigoryev's comment). In any case, I'll accept your answer rather than min, since an image is worth a thousand words :)
    – waldyrious
    Nov 19, 2015 at 14:35

As of today, the gear icon seems to have been removed, and the privilege tracker has been restored in my ElementaryOS SE profile. I tried in another SE site (AskUbuntu) and the gear icon seems to be present, and works (because there actually are tag badges I can pick), including for reverting to track a privilege. So the issue seems to be solved.

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