I just tried to edit one of my questions using the app. When I hit preview and submit it gave me this error:


What is the cause and can this be fixed?


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This will be fixed in the next build.

As I mentioned on your other bug, I've updated the filters the app uses to access fetch content from the API. The filters are backwards/forwards compatible encoded strings that look something like )g0iMTmRaNniMgq0(nQfUJj1aHybaUZB0WC2dD2pZmozwzuw, so naturally when editing them, I let the API do it for me. This involves pasting the code onto the filter field like this, making changes, then copying the new value.

Unfortunately, the app uses the yet unreleased 2.3 version of the API which provides fields like can_edit and can_suggest_edit and I accidentally re-encoded the filters that need that with a 2.2 filter editor which cropped off those values.

To test that this works, I'll be editing both this answer and your tags using the app. 👌

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