I was a victim of some serial upvoting, see the post, The strange case of the waxing and waning reputation, on SE Raspberry Pi. Nothing particularly new or amazing in that, granted. However, during, and as a cause of, the serial upvoting, I was awarded the "Nice Question" bronze badge. The votes have, rightly, been removed by the system, but I still have the badge in my collection.

Here is a screen shot of my reputation changes, showing that the votes have been removed.

My reputation changes

Here is a screenshot of the badge being awarded due to one of the serial upvotes.

Awarding of the Nice Question badge

Here you can see that I still have the badge awarded.

I still have the Nice Question badge

Shouldn't I be stripped of the badge, in the same way that I was stripped of the reputation, if it was awarded as a by product of someone's thoughtless upvoting?

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