What's with this late answer to an old question review?

enter image description here

I clicked 'No action needed' to verify that is was not an audit review (it wasn't).

My first reaction was to comment "Do not answer closed questions", but then I noticed the dates and the user that did the edit.

What is going on here?
Why would

  • the community user 'edit' a 2011 answer 4 months later? Solved: anonymous visitor suggesting an edit that was approved

  • that 2012 edit show up in the late answer review queue in 2015? I doubt it is still initializing the late answer review queue after 3 years.

  • an edit show up in the late answer review queue anyway?

Note that the question is even closed (although probably not before 11 Mar 2012).

I searched here and read the FAQ for Community user, but cannot find an answer.


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