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I keep getting a job offered by my company everywhere a careers ads box is shown. Is that a normal or intended behaviour?

Here's the company page, you can see that I'm already added to the company: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/company/pocket-playlab

And here's a screenshot taken from StackOverflow:

I think I shouldn't be receiving job offers from the company I work at, should I?

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This is purely because of 'location based targeting' which is used here (one of the many other factors) while serving the career ads. Currently, on your profile you have set 'Bangkok, Thailand' as your location. The company PlayLab Ltd. is also located in Bangkok, Thailand and currently has an active listing for Software Engineer(Backend) position listed on SO Careers site. Hence the job ad from the PlayLab.

Yes, I agree with you and there should be a smart mechanism to stop displaying the job ads from the company you currently work for.

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