When installing the latest version of the iOS app it fails telling it can't download the update. It happens at approximately 75% in the loading phase.

I have tried it on various networks and have done a lot of attempts already.

Is this a deployment bug?


It seems to be a deployment bug indeed since the update is retracted now and can't be downloaded any more. The app doesn't show an update too.

  • App Version:
  • Device: iPhone7,2
  • OS Version: Version 9.0 (Build 13A344)

This is fixed in

Back when iOS8 came out there was a bug with users updating to the new build and the solution was to make iOS think it was downloading a different app than it actually was, up until the point it installed. That is, it downloaded as com.stackexchange.ent.zaphod.ios8fix but then installed as com.stackexchange.ent.zaphod. That's why updates would always appear as a new download.

iOS9 is now rejecting this hack at validation time:

itunesstored[143] : BundleValidator: Failed bundleIdentifier: com.stackexchange.ent.zaphod.ios8fix does not match expected bundleIdentifier: com.stackexchange.ent.zaphod

So, I'm removing the hack, things are downloading in the right spot, and hopefully we don't run into any more problems like this in the future.

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