The latest blog post entry titled 'A Culture of Trust' by author Arie Litovsky contains a broken link in the para that says:

Having spent a year and a half on the mobile team, I recently decided to change teams, eventually finding a balance of fit and interest in our Careers product.

The 'decided to change teams' link currently wrongly points to: http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2015/09/culture-of-trust/blog.stackoverflow.com/2015/07/going-from-mobile-back-to-the-web/

however the correct URL is:



I pushed a fix to the blog and triggered a build to push it live.

Granted, you couldn't trigger a build yourself, but this is a good time to remind folks that the blog is open source, including all post content, so if you find a broken link, you could potentially help us fix it by submitting a pull request in the time it'd take you to write a meta post reporting the problem. :)

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  • Sure, will submit the pull request from here onwards. Thank you. – HackerKarma Sep 22 '15 at 11:44

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