The comment formatting page is a bit out of date:

[about], [meta-about] – link to the About page. Link text is "about" (capitalization is respected). meta-about only works on meta sites.

While the old links still work, I think it would make more sense to update this text to reflect the current structure since the "About" page no longer exists. [tour], [about], [meta-tour], and [meta-about] all link to the same page; there is no "Meta Tour".

This would be the logical replacement to me:

[tour] – link to the Tour page. Link text is "tour" (capitalization is respected).

If it's preferred to keep the [about] links around then at the very least I'd hope that [tour] could at least be mentioned on that page (currently it is not).

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This has been implemented and will appear with build 3747 on MSE/MSO and build 2870 on other sites.

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