Imagine a situation where there are 10 people 5 of which adamantly want to close a question, the other 5 adamantly want it to remain open.

So the first 5 people cast close votes and the question becomes closed.

Then the next 5 people case reopen votes and the question is reopened.

Now what happens?

Can the first 5 people vote to close again? or can only different users vote to close now?

What happens if the question keeps getting closed and reopened?


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After you have cast a close vote, that is it for you with close voting this question. If it is reopened either by other users or a mod you can't cast a close vote again.
For the other way around I don't know, but I guess it is the same.

See also: "After voting to close, delete and reopen, I can't cast a close vote"

Quoting the quote:

Questions can go through multiple close and reopen cycles, but each individual user may only vote once in each direction in the cycle.

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