Currently, there seem to be 4 Stack Exchange sites that are hosted completely in another language (Portuguese SO, Japanese SO, Russian SO, and Russian Language).

However, the post-flagging dialogs use a strange mix of English and the Native language, like so:

Mixed flagifor

And (click for larger views):
Mixed 2 Mixed 3 Mixed 4

As a cross-site flagger of spam, it's kind of nice to see the key flags in English, but it does seem counter to the idea of localizing those sites.

And, a previous bug-report about untranslated text was resolved by translating the text.

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Sadly, it's common problem because each translation are identified by original string.

It means, we lost previous translations if SO devs change the string for:

  • Fixing typos
  • Updating URL
  • Improving message

and as a result, some of the strings will be displayed in English.
(Yes, they don't tell us like "Hey, you should translate again!".)

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    This is (one reason) why using the English interface text as the key to the localization data, although unfortunately common, is a bad idea. It would be much better to use separate internal keys like, say, flag-type-spam, flag-type-abusive, etc. to identify UI strings, and treat the actual English text as just one translation. MediaWiki gets it right (in many other ways, too). Commented Mar 23, 2016 at 14:00

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