I just got challenged on programmers. The CAPTCHA is impossible to solve because my device (iPhone + Chrome using mobile site) can not copy the text required to be copied and pasted into the input field!

Best effort to copy text:

copy fail

But after clicking "Copy", the clipboard is empty: Trying to paste never gave me an action option. The way to be shown an option was to type something in, select it, then long-press, but with the clipboard empty, "Paste" was not an option:

paste fail

You'll notice too that when searching in-page for a character in the target, there are no hits highlighted.

Further, I have never been able to solve the "street signs" image challenge (I got through to the copy-paste on a food image challenge).

Example of failed "street sign" challenge:

street sign challenge fail

And a failed food challenge:

food challenge fail

Please tell me where I went wrong; I'm pretty sure I checked the correct images.

For comparison, here's the food challenge I passed:

food challenge success

This is getting a little silly.


I had the same copy-pasting problem on my tablet, except it did allow me to paste, but it messed up all the spacing and formatting.

I was able to fix this by reset of the device to factory settings, then it worked and let me sign in from the beginning normally.

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