When walking through new questions and answers, there are always some off-topic and low-quality posts, which I want to flag as such. However with increasing number of posts it is hard to remember which ones I already flagged.

So, I would appreciate an indicator in the iOS App that shows me whether or not I have already flagged a post (in the standard thread view, that is, viewing a certain question and its answers).

I see the following possibilities for that:

  • a number at the Flag link should indicate how many flags I put (similar to the Edit link when I suggested an edit, it changes to Edit (1));
  • the Flag link could be highlighted as soon as I set at least one flag (similar to the Favorite link which becomes bright yellow when I selected the related question as one of my favourites);
  • even both of the above;

In addition, the votes dialog appearing when following the Flag link should disable and grey out the votes I already did, like in the web version. (If I got it right, this might be at least partially covered by this feature request: iOS app should tell me I've already voted to close, and allow retraction.)


This is something that's not currently in the web version of SE and was declined here: When you flag a post, can the 'Flag' button be highlighted or something? The same reasoning stands for the app.

That said, I will be greying out already selected flags starting in, so this is half half :

Screenshot showing greyed out flag options

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