I recycled an old query for Top tags with a high proportion of zero-vote accepted answers: quite a bit are around 20 % in StackOverflow. (Someone should check other sites.)

The top tag there has just one frequent answerer with 500 answers and 300 total score, but others often have the same pattern with a handful users, so it's not about individuals I think. Some are just unpopular tags but not all of them.

Is this a problem? The first affected things which come to my mind are:

  • motivation of the users in the tag (chance that they disappear);
  • relative motivation of the users (chance they move to more rewarding tags);
  • meaningfulness of tag score requirements;
  • meaningfulness of other score requirements for review privileges etc.
  • Sometimes is because there's actually only one of such experts on the topic. Also Pareto principle. – Braiam Oct 15 '15 at 20:01

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