I have read the Exit strategy for chameleon questions post, but I am looking for some kind of formal statement or general consensus regarding the problem of people editing their questions in such a way that existing answers become invalid. It seems like this would be a handy resource to have, and the chameleon questions post sort of presupposes that this is a no-no, but it doesn't really say "DON'T DO THAT!".

I would especially appreciate something that is totally applicable to every SE (I'm asking because it has come up on SF&F, so SF&F should be covered by the policy), not just SO.


I am assuming that you are asking about every Stack Exchange site except the Metas - because Metas are different and allow Q&A to be used for . My answer below does not apply to Meta sites, only to Main sites.

I think askers should feel free to edit their questions as much as they like until the first answer has been received.

Once an answer has been received I think the asker should only make changes to their question that help clarify it further, and that do not strand the answer as being no longer applicable to the question.

I think edits to questions that strand an answer, should be rolled back.

From this point on improvement should be to the Q&A as a combined entity rather than to the question without regard to any existing answers.

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