So, often discussions in comments become far longer than they should, and I am going to post two separate feature requests (for the other one see here). This one suggest that next to each we would get a 'more' icon (e.g. three dots above each other) and in the icon we would have the options:

  • Reply
    This option would simply start a comment with @username prefilled.
  • Reply on chat
    This option would create a chat room, open the chat room and ping the user. Additionally it could be considered to add an auto generated comment so other users can find the chat room as well.
  • Flag
    The standard flag option would move here to keep the comment section nice and clean.

Paint created mockup of the way a comment would look on hover:

enter image description here

Moved the menu to the same location as the 'delete' button for consistency and because it looked too much like an arrow when placed on the left.



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