I while back I merged an old Lifehacks account with my main account. Before the merge, I asked one question using my old account.

The correct amount of questions are shown in my lifehacks account activity summary:

enter image description here

Yet it still displays "0" Questions on my Network Profile.

enter image description here

The accounts were merged over 5 months ago and I have since answered 2 questions, so this doesn't seem to be just an update delay or a delay till other activity occurs.

Similar questions have been asked, yet none seem to have a relevant solution:
Merged accounts don't show correct post count on network profile? - the only comment possibly helpful seems to indicate that this problem should be fixed as soon as there is other activity in the account. I have since answered 2 other questions so there has been activity.
Question not appearing on network profile (probably due to account merging) - in this case, it seems to have been a one time reindexing delay error.

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    It seems only to update when you ask a question. – Patrick Hofman Nov 8 '15 at 22:09

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