Trying to fill out my profile at careers.stackoverflow.com but I am unable to "Link to 5 Stack Exchange answers" as requested.

Sorry but the Stack Exchange Network is having trouble finding your answers. Please try again later.

"NetworkError: 404 NotFound - https://careers.stackoverflow.com/stack/answers/314396?_=1447346729229"

Is something broken here or am I missing something in the form?

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Because they've just made a typo in the link, /stack should be replaced with /cv/stack.

The correct link is:


As the script is having trouble with the link, it hides the answer chooser, which you were going to manually make appear:

t ? ($(".answers").text(Careers._s("Sorry but the Stack Exchange Network is having trouble finding your answers. Please try again later.")), $(".open-chooser").hide()) : .....

So if the link is replaced with the working one, the answer chooser will appear.

  • nice catch - guess it'll be fixed shortly Nov 12, 2015 at 17:16

Yup, there was a path bug introduced as part of the on-going work on integrating the job board into Stack Overflow. I've fixed it up and pushed to production.

Thanks for the report!


Using the web inspector I was able to find a hidden <div> with the class answer-chooser near the Top Answers section. Unchecking the style rule display: none reveals a section which is indeed capable of selecting different sites and retrieving my answers. Sadly, upon page refresh my added answers still don't appear - though they are now missing from my available selections so I guess they are saved somewhere and will someday be visible.

Assuming this is a bug but maybe it's a challenge test to see how savvy you are at hacking the stack exchange careers forms.

  • 2
    They didn't want you to hack - provided an explanation in my answer :)
    – nicael
    Nov 12, 2015 at 17:19

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