Often (via Google Now, or when searching for a solution to some problem), I'll open a question from a non-favourite site in the app. Sometimes, I'd like to see what else is going on in the site where the question was posted. Currently, I have one of two ways:

  1. Via tag icon:

    1. Click one of the tag icons beneath the title
    2. Delete the [tag] text (at which point, thankfully, the sorting changes to Active from Votes).
  2. Via manually searching for the site, which is more cumbersome. I type in hard and Hardware Recommendations is the fourth entry (below Ask Different, Raspberry Pi and Arduino)! This more annoying for meta sites, where I have to pick Meta from the dropdown menu.

Can I pretty please have a way to head to the site directly from the question? Maybe:

  • the site name in the top bar could become clickable and lead to the site, or
  • an option in the More menu?

This would be especially useful for Meta sites, where questions posted around the same time could be related. Interestingly enough, most questions that Google Now are for metas of sites I visit on occasion, but haven't pinned to the list.

  • 3
    I think the site name in the top bar should be made clickable.
    – nicael
    Nov 15 '15 at 22:27
  • @nicael Nice idea! Adding it to the post.
    – muru
    Nov 15 '15 at 22:28

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