If I share a link such as this one:


to a question or answer on multiple outside webpages, are all the incoming visits to this link from all webpages/URLs amalgamated together to award the Announcer, Booster, and Publicist badges? Or are the badges awarded only for the requisite number of unique IP visits from a single originating webpage/URL?

If the latter (which I doubt), would multiple badges be awarded for gaining the requisite number of visits from each outside website/URL?

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Yes! Note that there are two numbers in the URL:

  • 40032 is the post ID.

  • 20394 is your user ID.

The three badges track how many people visited your link with the second number, and they keep an overall count that ignores which website your link was visited from1. So, no, you can only get one of each badge from each post, but yes, clicks from every source count towards the same total.

1: well, clicks from within the SE network don't count, but other than that.

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