I have recently made a post on one of the other groups that I follow. I received a bunch of comments, and a few that actually solved my problem, but no answer to close off the question.

Question What should I do with this question?

Should I remove my question and assume it was too trivial (as it was a quick fix), or leave it up even though I have not officially received an answer at this time?


What is the protocol on this kind of thing should it happen again in the future?

Do I wait a short period of time and just remove it if no official answer comes in (assuming that the problem was small, or that I probably needed to revise it)?

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    After waiting a short period of time I, as the OP, would post an answer quoting the comments, mark it as accepted and mark it as a community wiki. Dec 1, 2015 at 21:52

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It will depend upon the particular question and comments but when I see an unanswered question that seems to have been adequately answered in comments I will sometimes write an answer that:

  • starts by saying "As per comments by @...:"
  • quotes the relevant comments
  • adds any extra value that I can to the answer

I think this approach becomes more valid as more time passes since the comment trail ceased being added to, and is just as valid for a self-answer as it is for answering someone else's question.

A recent example where I have done this is: Repeating points by field using ArcGIS for Desktop?

  • I'm a little sad that this question was properly answered.
    – Nic
    Dec 1, 2015 at 23:02

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