The latest data dump has:

  • no DeletionDate column
  • no PostsWithDeleted table

but it does contain deleted posts.

This makes it hard to decide if posts are deleted or not.

I think I could extract that from the PostHistory table Deleted and Undeleted events, but that is much more inefficient.

Please either:

  • add a DeletionDate column. I prefer this method as it makes things easier to query.
  • add a DeletionDate column, removed deleted posts, and create a PostsWithDeleted table. This is exactly what the SEDE does now, so at least things would be uniform. But from the query writer point of view, this method is just more complicated.

Maybe SEDE and dump got out of sync because the current dump it too old? https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/269760/200117 Add a more recent one pleaase :-)


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