MSE has these tags:

64 questions tagged

    For questions involving the site front page.

97 questions tagged

    The initial view of a Stack Exchange site that consists mainly of a list of questions.

Aren't these the same thing?  I suggest that these tags be merged.

Which should be the master, and which the synonym?  I don't have an opinion.  But here are some relevant facts: in a text search of this site, "frontpage" trails "homepage" by 198 results to 911 results, but "front page" leads "home page" 1,360 to 657.  And Meta Unix & Linux just created a "homepage" tag; it does not have a "frontpage" tag.

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I agree that they should be merged and propose that be merged into first so that the latter can become the master of both and .

Home page is two words, and tag naming conventions here are that hyphens are used between words.

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