I keep seeing questions with 3 to 5 answers that have a 0 score. In general if you answer the question shouldnt you up vote it as well?


It depends.tm

Bad, Answerable Questions

There's a reason a badge like reversal exists: there are bad questions that deserve the downvotes they're getting, but that are nonetheless answerable. And a +20 answer on such a question is rare enough to deserve a gold badge.

"Meh" Questions

Voting is anonymous, and personal. People up/down vote for whatever reason they like. They can also not vote for the same reasons, too. If someone is new to Stack Exchange and you don't want to ruin their day because they posted the 2,478th question about Runtime Error 13 and just feel like helping out that day, it's possible that question gets answers, but upvotes? not so sure.

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  • Didn't know about the reversal badge, good answer thanks – hellyale Dec 14 '15 at 17:41

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