tl;dr: https://stackoverflow.com/a/24673359 redirects to an "http:" URL instead of an "https:" URL.

Long version:

First, the stuff that works:

  1. The following URL works over HTTPS: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24669940/java-8-missing-required-capability-require-capability-osgi-ee-filter-osg/24673359
  2. If I change the protocol to "http:", it also works (over unencrypted HTTP). This is fine.
  3. If I right click and "copy URL" on one of the answers' "share" links, I get an HTTPS URL if I'm on HTTPS and an HTTP URL if I'm on HTTP. This is fine.

The stuff that seems wrong:

  1. If I click on the "share" link (instead of right-clicking and doing "copy URL") a box pops up that gives me an HTTP URL even if I'm currently browsing over HTTPS. Not a huge issue, but it's strange.
  2. If I follow the HTTPS URL provided by the "share" link (/a/...), I get redirected to the /questions/... URL but the protocol is HTTP instead of HTTPS. This is the thing that I'm most concerned about.

This occurs with any /q/ or /a/ link.

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