As What's the point in adding alt-text to an image? explains, currently, image description text only shows when browsing with images disabled

  • and as such, can't be seen at all (and thus is useless) in the vast majority of cases.
  • But, it is still inserted automatically into every image added with the toolbar button.
  • As a consequence, most leave it as is or delete altogether.

On the other hand (as shown in the same topic), Markdown allows to set the <img>'s title as well which shows as a tooltip when hovering the image -

  • pretty helpful.
  • However, since this feature is buried in the Markdown docs, few know of this.
  • In any case, it requires additional manipulations
  • and duplicates the field with the same purpose that's already there.
    • (I've read all sorts of SEO papers which describe the nuances between them. Still, I assert that for all purposes of SE posts, they do the same thing.)

So, I'm suggesting to:

Reuse alt as title unless the latter is specified explicitly.

(Of course, the same can be achieved with JS, but I don't see a need when there's an easy static way. All in all, implementation details aren't that important).

Some references:

Some previous discussions (apart from what is already linked):


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