I recently added myself to "Who you would work with" on a company page. The issue I have is the job title that is listed for me is not the job title I have for that company. The title is the latest position I added to my CV.

It would be nice if either

  • You can link the Company Page to the company in your CV so you can pull the correct title
  • Or pull the title via the order in the CV and not the last added.

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Good catch!

Here's the proposed solution - we already allow reordering entries in the experience section using those arrows:

enter image description here

So let's do this: if there's more than one "current" job in the experience section, we'll now pick the highest ranked job for the company page (not the job with the latest start date, as we did in the past).

Check your company page, I think it's showing the correct job now for you.

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