I just noticed that the /timeline view for questions has changed radically. It looks nicer (see an example), well done!

So far I noticed that the "accepted" action is not logged any more. It just appears next to the action of answering, so that it is not possible to trace accepting / unaccepting actions any longer.

Could we have it back?

  • Hm, why does the suggested edit have the red background... – nicael Dec 23 '15 at 13:23
  • There is some extra info also: "user posted after being shown a quality ban warning". And also there is a S when hovering over the first items. – fedorqui 'SO stop harming' Dec 23 '15 at 13:25
  • Yes it is logged: stackoverflow.com/posts/34414376/timeline#answer_34415426 (see the green checkmark) – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Dec 23 '15 at 13:26
  • @Sha previously there was a separate entry for acceptance. – nicael Dec 23 '15 at 13:27
  • It's on the answer, but the link is broken – Sklivvz Dec 23 '15 at 13:27
  • @ShadowWizard I just noticed that. Problem is that now it does not log the accepting/unaccepting actions. I noticed because of some notice in my reputation because apparently it was unaccepted and then accepted again. – fedorqui 'SO stop harming' Dec 23 '15 at 13:28
  • @Ebe can it be fixed? – nicael Dec 23 '15 at 13:28
  • @nicael push going out in the next 5 minutes – Sklivvz Dec 23 '15 at 13:29
  • @Ebe why the image removal... – nicael Dec 23 '15 at 13:29
  • There's deleted stuff which should be mod only, another bug which i've fixed. – Sklivvz Dec 23 '15 at 13:30
  • 3
    @Ebe like "user posted after being shown a quality ban warning"? – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Dec 23 '15 at 13:31
  • 2
    I'm not overly bothered by that, @Shadow: it's the ONLY user-history entry available, and arguably relevant to the post. It also adds a bit of transparency to the otherwise-opaque warning system, which... Could use a bit of sunlight. – Shog9 Dec 23 '15 at 18:04
  • 2
    Of course @Shog it's just that I'm used to it being mod-only thing. Like the ability to search for deleted posts of other users. You're spoiling us mortals too much! ;) – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Dec 23 '15 at 18:47
  • @Shog9 someone else found out about this and posted a bug report - so guess it's status-bydesign? – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Apr 26 '16 at 19:48

The accept vote is available on the accepted answer's timeline. The accepted answer is shown on the timeline with a green tick.

There was a broken link there which I've fixed.

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  • Nice! Note that the link to "edited" is kind of broken also: it expands to the left giving a very strange format. – fedorqui 'SO stop harming' Dec 23 '15 at 13:52
  • Also, now there is no way to see all the accepting/unaccepting actions. We just see the last one. – fedorqui 'SO stop harming' Dec 23 '15 at 13:53
  • @fedorqui yes: deleted events (such as deleted votes) are not generally available. – Sklivvz Dec 23 '15 at 13:54
  • OK so it used to be available but now it has been decided not to have them. I am fine with that, only that I was used to having that info : ) – fedorqui 'SO stop harming' Dec 23 '15 at 13:55
  • @fedorqui yeah, we won't be able to detect such things anymore. Well, you get some, you lose some. – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Dec 23 '15 at 13:57
  • @ShadowWizard I am kind of getting use to the new format. It looks way better, I think it is specially nice to see now there are two levels: the thread itself and then every post has its different page. However, I miss (maybe it is also a bug) the page for the question itself, where we can see when it got votes. See a more representative example, where you can also see close votes that aged away. – fedorqui 'SO stop harming' Dec 23 '15 at 14:04
  • @fedorqui of course, I think the design is taken from the existing moderator timeline, but all in all it's a blessed change. Now just need a direct link somewhere, and it's perfect. :) – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Dec 23 '15 at 14:12
  • @fedorqui umm... as for close votes aging away, I fear it's part of the "deleted stuff which should be mod only", i.e. will be taken away. (By all means, ordinary users should not be able to see who cast close votes in the past unless they caused the question to get closed) – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Dec 23 '15 at 14:14

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