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Notice the u in chromium isn't italic, as it should be, given the situation. However, you can't do something like that (although the prettify box says you can), so do we need something like


to allow such a string to be posted?

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Just use the <i> tag: <i>Ch</i>romi<i>u</i>m -> Chromium

Ok, if you really want your blank, use a zero-width space. It's Unicode char 0x200B, and you can use it like this: Chromi&#x200B;*u*&#x200B;m -> Chromi​u​m

(or, like this... Chromi​*u*​m -> Chromi​u​m - though this doesn't make a good demo, since by definition the character doesn't show up!)

  • +1 for solving this problem, but it'd still be nice to have a blk tag, or some such thing. – Phoshi Oct 24 '09 at 22:40


markdown.pl (the reference implementation of Markdown) supports intra-word-empasis, without the magical blank character you propose:

$ echo "Ex*amp*le" | perl markdown.pl

This is disabled in the Stack Overflow version of Markdown, because it's annoying more often than not.. You have a very few cases where you want my_example_variable to display as myexamplevariable, instead of my_example_variable

If you really want intra-word emphasis, just use the relevant HTML tags as Shog9 suggested:


I really recommend against using the Unicode zero-width-space character... The equivalent &#x200B; escape sequence seems reasonable, although it's less obvious and harder to read than simply using the HTML tags.

  • I realise WHY the inter-word stuff was disabled, and certainly wouldn't want it back, but I've seen blank characters used to great effect in many places - more powerful markup is never a bad thing, right? – Phoshi Oct 25 '09 at 0:25
  • I don't see much benefit for this new bit of syntax.. The cases where you'd need it are pretty obscure, it would further diverging SO's markdown from "the standard", and there is a perfectly good, very readable alternative, which wouldn't require users to remember another bit of syntax (HTML tags, or &#x200B;) – dbr Oct 25 '09 at 13:42

I am confused. You say that the u isnt italic, but this Markdown content:


does make it italic: Chromium

If you wanted to stop that, you can add a backslash:


Result: Chromi*u*m

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