The blogs aren't used much1. The chat room dedicated to the blogging system isn't used much either2. That's unfortunate, but sometimes experiments fail. Moving on.

The website you're directed to when trying to enter a not-yet existing blog has no knowledge of this3:

The blog you are looking for has not been started yet.

We are happy to provide resources for communities that want to supplement their site with a blog and show active interest from community members that are willing to contribute.

For more information on what Blog Overflow is about and how to start a community blog, please read our blog entry.

There is a dedicated chat room to help you get started and run your community blog. Feel free to drop in and say hi!

I'm not sure whether this is a or a , but could the site be updated with the current status?

To the best of my knowledge there is no longer a chat and no possibility to open a new blog. The current information is misleading.


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