I made a new chatroom on ELL.SE and we're going to do some stuff there. I need to make an event that'd start in 2016/1/2. However, trying to set the beginning date I get this: {"ErrorMessage":"Invalid first date"}

I assume it's because of the "year". It'd be really nice if I wouldn't have to wait two days before creating such an event, since what we're doing is site-wide tag cleaning and two days gone to waste isn't really a good use of our time while we're in a bit of a hurry.

This may be a bug; but still it might be a rate limit to avoid adding nonsensical dates as the beginning dates for chatroom events, IOW making it "idiot-proof", but is it really necessary?

So how can I set the event to the a day in the next year today?


The date has to be in this format:


I've tested this and it actually works.

However, I do agree that one-digit days and months should be accepted. Those dates are also valid and allowing them would reduce the amount of confusion about why it doesn't work.

  • Oh darn, why didn't I think of that? – M.A.R. Dec 30 '15 at 16:12

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