I have several hundreds of optical media disks (mainly DVD-R & CD-R) that stores data, that needs to be transferred to a hard disk drive to improve accessibility.

I need to ask a question about how to make a strategy (software/hardware system) to optimise the time used to perform extraction of this data from all of the disks.

In which community should this type of question be raised?

Sample question:

I need a good strategy for extracting data from several hundreds of optical media disks to a filesystem.

The process of extracting should be as easy as inserting the media into a drive, get extracted, then automatically ejected when finished. Alternatively, inserting several media disks into a media carrousel, inserted the carrousel into the "drive", and give feedback when it is finished extracting all of the disks, either by playing a sound or sending an e-mail.

Are there any solutions already available, and if not; What hardware and what software / operating system would I need?


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Since it is effectively a hardware and software recommendation question, your best bet is on Software Recommendations and Hardware Recommendations. Since the technical part is the most important in my opinion (if you buy a carousel, it probably tells you what OS you need, etc), I would try to see if it is on-topic on Hardware Recommendations.

Read their help center or ask on their meta before posting your question!

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    I will try to ask on HR meta first if this is the right community to ask this type of questions. Thanks. Jan 5, 2016 at 11:58

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