I am still missing the ideals presented in Collect hat stats please and How many hats did each site get?. The Hats off blog post doesn't satisfy.

For each site:

  • What is the ratio of Thalia to Melpomene? A venn diagram would be nice. Yes, its 10,015 Melpomene and 1556 Thalias. But how does that break down per site?
  • How may "Do it Yourself" were awarded? How many question and answer combinations didn't qualify.
  • What is the timeline of Every! Body! Gets! A Hat! - when did each site have this triggered?
  • What percent of users who logged in during winter bash with less than 1 year of time on the network got the Researcher hat?
  • For questions that triggered a Batman hat, one week later, what is the status for those questions? Score delta? Answers since reopen? Current question state?
  • For questions that triggered a Greeter hat, one week later, what is the status for those questions?
  • For users who got the Timey Wimey - how many questions in the 'old' range were edited in Winterbash? How many since then?

The hats are fun, but they also hint at what a given community does and its activity when hats aren't present. Being able to look at that can give us a better introspection on the various sites we are active in and look at how to emphasize certain behaviors for the new year.

  • These are exactly the sorts of questions I'm interested in! And hope to get to this week, if more important stuff doesn't come up. For now, a few of your questions are already answered in the freshly published Winter Bash 2015 post-mortem.
    – Pops
    Commented Jan 11, 2016 at 17:01

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So... I did not plan well for this. Data about things like which exact post triggered a given hat for a user aren't stored in the regular database, so coming up with these numbers after the fact turns out to be prohibitively difficult. If I had thought ahead better two months ago, I would've realized that I needed to explicitly ask for extra data to be saved (as I did for the Every! Body! Gets! A Hat! hat) but I didn't do so.

I've made a note to include statistics as a more central part of the planning process for next year, but for now I can only apologize and point you to the stats already published in the post-mortem analysis, which mainly cover your third bullet point and the list of total hats awarded by hat type.

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