The Accounts tab of my Network Profile provides a convenient way to quickly compare my reputation, badges, and Q&A counts across all of the Stack Exchange sites I've linked together, but to compare my reach or other Impact stats, I have to open up each site profile individually, or run a lengthy Data Explorer query. I think that the "People Reached" stat would be a useful addition to the Accounts tab.

Note: I am not asking for a total "reach" value to be calculated (there's an existing question for that), but for the addition of a column to the Accounts tab showing the same "reach" values that are currently displayed on each individual profile page.

User brasofilo posted the following mock-up on this answer to another meta question; I'm including it here because it's precisely what I'm suggesting. Note that unlike the requests for a network-wide total reach, which would require an evaluation of how to calculate that (e.g. "we can't just add them all, or people who've viewed this user's posts on multiple sites will be counted multiple times"), this request is just to place the already-existing statistic in another location.

  • Meh. That statistic is largely useless. Commented Jun 22, 2019 at 19:10


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