I noticed this because an employer replied to their notification of my application (with me as a recipient). My cover letter included a richtext hyperlink to the job listing page (copy-pasted either from GMail or MS Word). The URI is erroneously relative, like so:


Any link in this format will be broken, when trying to use it, in the email because there's no base URI ("careers.stackoverflow.com"). The cover-letter-editor (pop-up that shows when clicking the apply button) doesn't have the full markdown editor (there's only "B[old]" & "I[talics]"). Maybe, as a workaround, hyperlinks should just be stripped altogether.

I don't understand why the base URI is stripped (maybe for flexibility somewhere[?]) but I saved my cover letter elsewhere and it has the base URI, there. I don't know how to test this any further without sending an actual application and/or creating an employer profile.

Perhaps, this is related to the "unificintegration" (in short, combining Careers and Jobs).


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Thanks for the bug report! It was a long-standing bug with the cover letter editor. It should be fixed now.

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