I have found a bug involving the "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes" message.

  1. After writing a comment, stay on the page until the comment is 5 minutes old.
  2. Click the (still visible) "Edit" link.
  3. Make a change to the comment and attempt to save the comment.
  4. Note that the "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes" message appears.
  5. Click the "Cancel" link.
  6. Click the (still visible) "Edit" link.

What happens is that the text in the edit box now has xComments may only be edited for 5 minutes appended to it several times.

Comment bug

Not sure if the solution is fixing the appended text or hiding the "Edit" link, but regardless, this is a bug that occurs on Stack Exchange sites.


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You were obviously using it wrong! One should click X first, before clicking cancel, d'oh...


A fix is rolling out in the next build (build rev 2016.2.18.4180 on MSE/MSO, 2016.2.18.3267 on sites).

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