Flags are pretty much the same across all SE sites. Even if you are not knowledgeable on a particular site (say, Cooking SE), you're probably still capable of telling whether something is off-topic, inappropriate, spam, etc.

To flag, you need to be logged in that site. To log in, you need to register.

I suggest that if the system knows that you're logged in as a trusted user in another SE site, then it should let you flag posts regardless or being registered/logged in this particular site.

I know that registering is very quick if you have an account in another SE site. It even gives you bonus reputation. But I still wouldn't want to add another site just for the sake of flagging something. I could delete my account, yes, but that's kind of annoying.

And of course, I could just leave it be and let someone from that site handle/flag it. But hey, the more help the better, no? :]


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I don't think this is a good idea.

I registered on most sites for the sole purpose of spam/rude offensive flagging. In that perspective I'm sure anyone can spot and make a correct judgement call if a flag is warranted.

For the not an answer, low quality and specially close flags I think it depends on the community and their consensus on effective flagging. I doubt outsiders that don't participate on the site can make the correct decision based on their experience on other sites.

If you find something on site you're not a member and don't want to create an account you can always hop in chat, for example in Tavern on the Meta or in the site specific chat room and ask for someone else to take a look.

I think the benefit from the change you propose is limited and will not dramatically change the overall quality of the content in the SE network.

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