Though correlation doesn't imply causation I think there's a link between me hitting 10k rep and seeing this review count in the top bar:

image description

It makes no sense at all and is always more than 200. This even happens when I reviewed 20 of almost each queue and certainly had nothing to review. The count doesn't add up even if I subtract 200 from the number.

What does the number exactly mean? If it's broken I'm gonna ad-block it because it harms my attention for no reason.

Here's an example screenshot of actual numbers


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It is indeed a 10k privilege. As explained when it was implemented, the number is meant to be informational, fitting in with the other 10k privileges. It shows everything currently pending on the site, including things that you can't personally act upon, such as:

  • Things you've already done (e.g., low-quality answers you've already handled but whose status hasn't been finalized yet)
  • Things you've skipped
  • Things you are responsible for (like suggested tag wiki edits, answers you've flagged, etc.)

The idea is to give you a high-level overview of the site status, not an indicator of how many things you can personally do.

Not that I'm a fan: I'm a recent 10k user on my home site and I have upvoted the above linked feature request!

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    Ah ok then, ad-blocking. That feature does not provide helpful information in any way. Commented Jan 22, 2016 at 22:32

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