I want to change my profile picture. I did all the necessary steps and it changed my profile picture- however, when I reload the page the new profile picture goes back to my old profile picture.

I also tried this with an identicon. Same thing happens.

Ultimately, I can't change it.

Is there a time limit for how often I can change it? I last changed it in December from what I recall.

If not, is this a bug?


Even though it says "change picture":

The change is not immediate, i.e. after changing the picture it's still not in effect anywhere else.

To make it count and actually change your profile, you must click one of the blue "Save" buttons in the bottom of the edit screen, same way you have to do for any other profile field you want to change:

The left button will save the new picture only for the site you edit your profile in, and the right button will save it, along with all other profile fields, to all the SE sites you have account in.

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    I just ran into this and also think it's poor design. At the very least, the page should make it clear that simply "change picture" isn't enough. – barrycarter Dec 13 '18 at 18:57
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    Indeed, a "changes will be lost" if you close the tab or change page without saving would be nice. – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Dec 13 '18 at 21:10

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