On election pages, there is a short section with links to additional resources. As an example, here is the relevant part for the 2013 Stack Overflow moderator election:

screenshet of the link section from the 2013 SO moderator election

Apparently, however, the content for that section is shared among all past and present elections for a site. Therefore, the Election chat room and The candidates answer your questions links lead to the relevant pages for the latest election (in the case of Stack Overflow, the fall 2015 election); the overview linked from More information about the candidates also seems to provide information only about the latest election. The Meta link is, of course, timeless.

This is not limited to Stack Overflow, although some sites appear to omit this section altogether (e.g. DBA SE has it, Physics SE not).

Ideally, the links should lead to the resources relevant for each election. If this is not possible (or worth the effort), the section shouldn’t be displayed at all.

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