I noticed that in some chatrooms there can often happen to be uploads of rather large images, usually animated GIFs. Now of course I don't want to inhibit anyone's right to upload images into chat, that's for each chatroom's individual culture to be decided and people can very well do that if everyone is comfortable with it. But users often are not even aware of how big these images actually are.

But what I did notice is that we don't seem to put any kind of size limit on those images, or at least no remotely sensible one. And I am talking here about images that are multiple MB in size, sometimes even 2-digit MB sizes. I know that nowadays bandwidth might not be as scarce a resource as it was 10 years ago, but especially considering the mobile age it eludes me if we really need chat to load a 14 MB GIF from the web, especially considering the rather small visible size of a oneboxed image anyway and the dynamic nature of chat that pretty much continues to load more and more of those images over time.

I also noticed that the actual image uploader for questions and answers seems to pose a 2 MiB limit on the filesize (though, I admittedly never tried to see what happens if you break it). This makes me wonder even more why we don't have such a thing in chat.

So my question is is there any limit on the file size of images uploaded into chat or any other measure that keeps a sensible control on bandwidth? If not, I would hereby like to propose such a limit. The specifics of how large this limit should be can be left open for answers or SE devs to decide, but I guess the post uploader's limit of 2 MiB might be a good start.



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