For instance, sometimes I want to search for all posts which mention security, however when I put that into the search it immediately puts these [] around it and searches for all posts with that tag instead. Now in some cases this may be useful, however not all those who put the word security into their post have also put the tag, so then it becomes impossible to search for those posts without that tag, but with that word in them.

And of course I was just using security as an example, I find this incredibly annoying when searching for any word which is also the name of a tag when I am not looking for all the posts that have that tag, but rather just that word.

So I suggest that there should either be an override such as putting, say --- before and after the word like this in the search ---security--- so that it doesn't treat it as a tag, or if one does not put the word in [] in the search, for it to perhaps suggest those tags, or tell you that in order to search for tags you have to put the [] around each one, but not to actually automatically do it for you and thus prevent you from just searching for the word normally, rather than as a tag.

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There is a way to override it. You can simply surround the word with quotation marks. So "security" would search for the word security and not get converted to a tag.

Also of note, the system only auto-converts your text to a tag if that is the only word in your search and it matches one of the top 60 tags on the site.

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    Ah, that explains why I can't reproduce that with "security" in the Ask Ubuntu search. It simply is not popular enough. It converts e.g. "wireless" instead though, as expected. Thanks for this clarification! Commented Feb 6, 2016 at 18:27
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    Ok, well, then it would be nice if this was documented somewhere.
    – user280862
    Commented Feb 6, 2016 at 18:28

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