In Egypt we (most of us) are getting an error message while browsing any of the Stack Exchange sites that says "Access Denied", what is going on or why ? Stack Exchange, Access Denied

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    It seems like there was issues with that IP address, such as spam, so Stack Exchange blocked it as a preventive measure. – Zizouz212 Feb 11 '16 at 1:24

Sorry... My bad. There was an HTTrack based scraper hitting the SO feeds a few million times a day that I was trying to block, and it looks like I accidentally banned all of TE Data.

This should be fixed now. Sorry for the disruption.

Interesting side note: We average about 9 requests per second from Egypt for SE/SO. You can also see the spikes from the scraper (only partial logs until auto rate limiter kicked in):

enter image description here

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