A bit of a small issue I have:

When I put a link to a related post within a spoiler block, it becomes a bit of a spoiler that the linked question becomes visible on the side-bar.

For example:

In my answer to the question Has anyone known married for love in Westeros?, I have a spoiler block. Within that block I link to a post (which also happens to be a somewhat spoiler-ish post). Now anyone reading the question will see that one of the linked posts is spoilerish. See this image for example (complete with free hand circle):

Screen capture of issue in question: Part 1

Screen capture of issue in question: Part 1

Can we assume that a link to an internal post within a spoiler block is inherently a spoiler and not include it in the "linked questions" sidebar?

Like I said, small problem...

I should point out that the issue I'm bringing up is not this one; my concern is the link in the sidebar. Thanks @Catija for bringing that post to my attention.

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    As an aside, the reason this is a bit of an issue for me is that I'm reluctant to link to existing posts if I think that someone might be spoiled by the very fact that they see a spoiler in the sidebar...
    – Möoz
    Feb 12, 2016 at 1:09


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