I am trying to get a job as a Stack Exchange system administrator and programmer. Where should I go to sign up for the job?


There is a work here link in the footer of all Q&A sites.

Send your application through that page, go through the interview process and if you pass all interviews, you will get hired.

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    Just to note, we don't usually hire 13 year olds. Nor teenagers in general. There are laws, you know... – Oded Feb 12 '16 at 9:20

As Oded mentioned, there is a list of open positions, however, the best way to get a job there is getting in the picture.

Do your best to contribute to the community you are finding a job in, like Stack Overflow for programmers. If you have a lot of experience there, run for moderator. Some moderators have been asked to promote to a job at Stack Overflow Inc.

If you don't end up as a moderator, at least your profile has a lot of information you acquired to show your competence in the field, which will give you a job more likely.

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