I recently answered and edited a question, but didn't receive an explainer badge. I found a couple of questions from people who appeared to have the same problem as I do, but in the end it turned out they just didn't meet all the conditions for the badge.

The time between my edit and my answer was 1-2 hours. Following all the bullet points for an explainer badge from this answer:

  • The question was asked by someone other than the answerer

Yes, I didn't ask the question

  • Neither the questions nor the answers are deleted

Also true

  • The questions are not closed

The question is open

  • The answers score > 0

I have a score of 1

  • The question edits changed either body, titles, or both

I edited both the title and body (I also added two tags, but that shouldn't be an issue..)

Any ideas why I didn't get my badge? Am I just too impatient?

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From looking at the timings of Explainer badge awards it seems like the process that awards such badges runs around every 6 hours or so.

Wilbur currently has only one answer on Stack Overflow Meta so it's easy to determine why he got the badge. His badge was awarded on Feb 4 at 4:53 but his answer was Feb 3 16:40 and his edit to the question at Feb 3 at 17:14, there were 2 upvotes by midnight on Feb 3 so he has a 5 or so hour gap between eligibility and award.

That being the case your answer is simply too new to have been scanned by the awarder process. Wait a bit and you should get your badge. And in fact you now have the Explainer badge.

  • Ok, great. That would explain it! I will make sure to pick your answer if you were right and the badge gets awarded. This might be the wrong place for this, but another question: should I change the flag of the question, since it's not actually a bug, or leave it as it is because I thought it is one?
    – Neuron
    Feb 13, 2016 at 9:49
  • 1
    A moderator has retagged it for you. Feb 13, 2016 at 9:52

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