I've noticed that, (at least on StackOverflow), when clicking on the "x questions with new activity" banner at the top of my feed, the questions are appended to the top of the page, but what comes up doesn't reflect any activity within those questions.

In particular, I sometimes find after entering a question that it's already been answered, it's already been downvoted to hell, or that it's been put on hold, etc., each of which feel like a waste of time in their own right.

This is especially salient if I happen to have left a feed tab open overnight -- by the time I get there, most of those questions have been dealt with by others in the community.

This is fixed with a simple page refresh -- but IIUC, the point of having the banner is to avoid the need to refresh.


Banner Active:

enter image description here

Banner Clicked:

enter image description here

All new questions suspiciously have 1 view, no activity

Hit refresh:

enter image description here

Views updated, 4th question down got an answer. Whole sequence above performed in < 10 seconds.

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