I recently posted a question here, for the first time in awhile. I wrote up the question, added an appropriate tag, then pressed submit. A red banner appeared at the top of the screen (I'm on the Android app), telling me that some specific tags were required. I was only half-done processing the message however when it disappeared. I clicked submit again hoping to see the message again, and was informed that I couldn't do that action again for another minute.

Why this was frustrating:

  • It's unexpected. As far as I know, no other site requires a tag from a specific set (although this is the only Meta site I've ever used).

  • The set of required tags isn't in a easy to read format. I knew that it was likely listing tags, so I was looking for a delimiter like a comma. By the time I realized it was delimited by spaces, the message had disappeared, and I didn't have time to process the tags.

  • The minute timeout seems really long. I know it's likely to prevent spammy requests on the server-side, but it's frustrating when all I wanted was to see the message again (maybe persist the message in a non-obtrusive way somehow?).

  • I'm red-green colourblind which may have slowed my processing of the message since it was on a red background.

Yes, this was due to unfamiliarity with the site, but I thought I'd voice my concern over usability. Feel free to disagree.

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    Although the cool down timer is a bit unfortunate I expect it isn't so much a feature of the app as it is a mitigation of possible abuse from the StackAPI, as the app is probably asked to backoff.
    – rene
    Feb 27, 2016 at 22:31


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